Turn Your Next Party Into A Laser Tag Adventure

What is TAG Laser Games?
Tired of the same parties and events all the time?  Do you want to organize a new event that will have people talking all year?  We have the answer you've been looking for!  TAG Laser Games brings all the
fun of laser tag to you!  You can have the experience of an indoor laser center in any setting, even outdoors!  TAG Laser Games is great for backyard parties, Birthdays, fairs, fund-raisers, corporate outings, and team building events.

How Does It Work?
When the gun is fired, an invisible Infrared beam is fired from the barrel. Our system tracks ammunition, game time, and lives. Lights and sound advise players when a hit is made and who has been hit or eliminated. You will be able to tell who you hit and who hits you. Young players will love the simplicity,
older players will love the variety offered, and the realistic feel.

Games can be set up fast and easy by simply controlling all the action from the receivers on the laser units.  There is also an option CCM which takes the game to a whole new level.  By allowing you to set your own parameters for a unique experience for your group!

What Does It Cost?
Whatever your event, we have the perfect package for you.  Pricing varies depending on the number of players and time needed, but you will find that we have the most competitive pricing in the entire area.  We will design an event that works for any budget.  Contact us today by clicking here and someone will contact you promptly!